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My sister and Dad just got back and I think that may have been the first time I have ever missed them both which is probably quite bad considering they were only gone for 4 days. I’ve gone weeks before without ever missing them! I’m getting old and emotional! 

Fuckin' Fine Ass Leaves

the minor life mishap of last week:

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horrific life mishap of the day

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we are the last generation whose baby photos weren’t taken on phones

Tried to get burning pizza sauce off my hand by licking it. I am the perfect example of the product of evolution.

yesterday my cousin made a 420 joke and i laughed but our entire family didn’t get it so he explained and now my parents keep asking if i ”do pot”

ohh blOODY HELL it looks like he’s screaming in pain in the photo after 

I’ve eaten A LOT of chocolate today and learnt A LOT of biology and went on a long walk around the village with Mum and then discovered that I managed to avoid being in alllll the photos taken last Thursday! Except for one! Where I am headbutting thaaaaaaat boy! Hurrah, I am quite literally NinJas!


there is no future in rudeness