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on the brighter side of life: my welsh housemate is rapping to eminem and i am dying 

Guess who managed to end up in a&e on their fourth day of freshers?

Guess who has cut through a nerve in their hand on glass?                

Guess who was completely sober when this occurred?

Guess who got lots of lovely codeine?

Guess who might not ever get the feeling back in their thumb?


1st full day of uni life:

lots of drunk

lots of ills

lots of people in my house that think my room is a toilet (apparently it used to be but no one has peed in it yet)

a guys dancing like a chicken kissed me but it was horrendous because he just kept headbutting me (so i ran away)

partied until 7am…….

… because i have been lock out of my bedroom for 13 hours wearing ONLY pyjamas

parents thought i had died last night because i didn’t return any of their 20 calls today (phone was also in room) 

landlords hot son just came over to unlock my bedroom door but went into my room and spotted my underwear on the floor lol


people that can swim underwater in chlorine pools with their eyes open are not to be trusted

i’m so happy that this is my only talent 

Mum and I were just reading through mine and my sisters medical history booklet from when we were born and the first comments made by the social worker at our 18 month check-ups were just the word ‘clumsy’

"Any changes made to your student finance application usually take 6 weeks to occur"



I go to Plymouth University in 28 days! I STILL HAVE NOWHERE TO LIVE!